Georges Wardrobe

George’s wardrobe is family owned and operated. We make conscious decisions everyday on how we can live a more sustainable life to better our planet for the generations to come. To achieve this goal, we have created a clothing brand that is handmade using natural fibers and supporting Australian Industries as we believe supporting Australia first is essential for our economy.

Our clothes are designed with littles in mind and movement is most important for children and their development, our clothing is super soft and will allow the child to move in a natural way.

All our clothing is designed to fit comfortably over cloth nappies.   


synthetic fibers take between 20-200 years years to break down compared to natural fibers .

Cotton: 1 week to 5 months and Considered one of the fastest fabrics to decompose, clothing items made of 100% cotton can decompose as quickly as 1 week.

Linen: 2 weeks and is  derivative of the flax plant, linen can decompose in approximately 2 weeks when in its purest form and undyed. To speed up the process cut the linen into small strips.

Denim: 10–12 months, made of cotton, denim’s hardier fabric takes a bit longer to decompose compared to its thin t-shirt counterpart.

Wool: 1–5 years, wool takes a bit longer to decompose, this natural fabric’s life cycle is much shorter compared to its synthetic fabric counterparts. Wool sweaters can also last a lifetime and tend to hold their shape and texture, rather than fading over time.